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Standard tank water heaters

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    Water Heater Repair & Installation?

    We can get you back in hot water fast – the same day in most cases. Whether we perform a simple repair or a complete replacement you can count on us to provide the best and most courteous service around.

    Your supply of hot water is important to us and we are very serious about correctly diagnosing your water heater problem. Did you know that water heater problems are often misdiagnosed, resulting in pre-mature, expensive replacement? Many contractors would rather replace your water heater with a new one even if a repair would fix the problem at a lower cost. The only time a water heater must be replaced is when the tank has ruptured or is leaking. Other leaks, for example from a connection, fitting or P&T valve can be repaired at a much lower cost than full replacement.

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    You will get a real live Bragg employee who is empowered to solve your problem. Your call is too important to trust to an answering service or call center. You will get a trained technician, using the very best in equipment.

    Professional, courteous and expert service that takes care of the problem without the worry  that’s what we are all about!

    Quality doesn’t have to cost more.

    We will always give you an honest assessment of your water heater problem so you can make an informed decision. We will look at each water heater problem individually and determine whether a simple repair or full replacement is the best option.

    At Bragg we’ve been repairing and installing water heaters since 1968. We are a full service Plumbing & HVAC company that is licensed to solve all your water heater related problems, including repair, replacement and safety inspection.