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Air duct cleaning

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    Best Air Duct Cleaning service in Marin, Sonoma & Napa Counties ? We are Diamond Certified, and ?Independently Rated Highest in Quality.?

    Here is our duct cleaning process:

    – First we perform an initial duct inspection to see how dirty they are and identify any problem areas.

    – We carefully remove the supply grills inside your home and give them a nice cleaning.

    – Next we put the entire duct system under ?negative pressure?, as recommended by ?NADCA? (the National Association of Duct Cleaners of America), using our special equipment developed by ?Abatement Technologies?. This guarantees that no dirt or debris will escape into your home and creates strong suction back to the main collection unit.

    – For extra cleaning and to dislodge any stuck on dirt, we use compressed air to scrub the entire inside walls of your homes duct-work. The combination of ?push? and ?pull? is by far the best method available for cleaning your ducts.

    – To make sure the ducts are clean we do a post cleaning inspection.

    – We complete the job with an optional eco-friendly sanitizer.

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    You will speak with a real live Bragg employee who is empowered to solve your problem. Your call is too important to trust to an answering service or call center. We will dispatch a trained technician, using the very best in equipment.

    Quality doesn?t have to cost more. Homes and businesses accumulate a lot of dust and other microscopic particles each year. Don?t trust your duct cleaning to just anyone.

    Professional, courteous, expert service that takes care of the problem without the worry ? that?s what we?re all about!

    At Bragg we?ve been keeping air ducts since 1968. We are a full service HVAC company that is licensed to solve all duct related problems, including repair, replacement, cleaning, inspection and leakage testing. We?re also Diamond Certified, with all the trust and value that means.