Trenchless Sewer Repairs & Replacement

Trenchless sewer system installed by Bragg Plumbing

Best sewer replacement in Marin & Sonoma Counties – We are Diamond Certified, and “Independently Rated Highest in Quality.”

Sewer Services:

  • State of the art “trenchless pipe bursting” sewer replacement
  • Video camera inspection and line locate
  • Sewer pipe repairs
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Cleanout installation
  • Rooter service

Trenchless Sewer Replacement…..

We are licensed trenchless sewer replacement and repair experts holding a C-36 (Plumbing) and a C-12 (paving & excavation) specialty licenses. This means we perform the entire job including all permits, paving, asphalt, cement, excavation, backfill & pipe replacement (HDPE code approved) using our state of the art trenchless pipe bursting method.  We take care of everything from beginning to final inspection.

Our trenchless method works without requiring major excavation. Rather, a few strategically placed holes are dug, one at each end of the pipe. We use the existing damaged sewer lateral for guiding the new pipe. That’s all. So your landscaping and brick work, trees and other areas are spared extensive damage. This leaves your homes landscape and hardscape virtually un-disturbed.

Our method of replacement is superior to other trenchless methods because it provides a 100% brand new full diameter sewer pipe. The old pipe is broken (burst) and a new 4” HDPE pipe is pulled behind it providing a 100% brand new full diameter pipe with no seams or joints. Other methods only re-line the old pipe which results in a smaller diameter pipe.


We’ve performed literally hundreds of sewer replacements over the last 10 years. We know the local codes and have relationships with the local inspectors so there are no surprises or slip ups on your sewer replacement job.

Call us…..

Sewer replacements can be complex. Don’t trust just anyone. Go with experience and call Bragg Plumbing to schedule an appointment so we can assess your current sewer situation.

Professional, courteous and expert service that takes care of the problem without the worry – that’s what we are all about!

Quality doesn’t have to cost more….

At Bragg Plumbing we’ve provided expert plumbing & sewer replacement services since 1968. We are Diamond Certified, with all the trust and value that means.